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118 Greenwood Street, Hamilton, New Zealand - 07 847 6638 Thursday, 19 May 2022   

General Repairs

Front 2 hoists of our workshop
Front 2 hoists of our workshop

And 3 more hoists out the back
And 3 more hoists out the back

Hamilton Automotive Specialists

Need work done on your car - look no further.
We specialise in all types of car repairs eg: WOF repairs, maintenance, etc
Engine Swaps - we specialise in replacing engines (heads and/or blocks)
                         - we can have your engine rebuilt
Transmission - we can flush your auto trans from $160
                        - got a worn clutch? No problem, standard and heavy duty clutches available
                        - want to convert your auto to manual? We can do it.
Brakes - we can replace your pads from $100 depending on vehicle
             - we can skim brake discs or replace them if too worn
             - adjust handbrake
Exhaust  - we can weld up holes in your muffler
                - need an exhaust leak fixed?
                - we can make a custom mandral bent exhaust system from $650 
Suspension  - replace shocks with new or used items
                      - replace bushes and/or arms
                      - replace tie rod ends
                      - replace cv 's and cv boots
Diagnose  - we can run our scan tool over your car to find most faults
                  - if you have a fault and can't work it out? Bring it in and we will work it out
Lighting   - replacing bulbs is our most common and easiest wof failure requirement